A Brief History of the Peace Watercolour Society

The Peace Watercolour Society was formed more than 35 years ago by a group of Peace Country artists and the first group exhibit was opened in the Dawson Creek Art Gallery in the spring of 1976. Members then included such well-known artists as Euphemia McNaught, Jim Adrain, Robert Guest and Inez Demuynck, Simon Cox, Esther Gibson and Erika Moore. Current members are Marjorie Henn from Beaverlodge Barry Hommy from Hythe, Toni Schuler from Goodfare, Valerie Ditch, Louanne Hart and Dale Syrota from Grande Prairie, Suzanne Sandboe from Buffalo Lakes, Judy Brown from Spirit River, Inez Demuynck from Dawson Creek, and Bernice Trider and Doris Reynolds from Fairview. Robert Guest from Grande Cache was a founding member and continues in the group as an honorary member. Janis Herbison from Hudsonís Hope, Carolyn Brown from Spirit River and Angela Fehr from Dawson Creek are our newest members.

The Society with participants from both sides of the Alberta - British Columbia boundary are held together by a common goal to express impressions of our environment in watercolour paintings. The Peace Country, with its diversified population and wonderful landscape, offers an incredible variety of subject matter for these artists; each captures this beauty in his or her own style. The groupís original goal was to maintain and promote the tradition of transparent watercolour in the Peace Region and mixed media was discouraged. This is still true of the current members although recently the group has agreed to the sparing use of inks, watercolour pencils etc. to enhance the pure medium. All paintings are original and the Society does not accept copies. A Fall Show and Sale is held annually with a rotation between major galleries in the area.

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